Every person, every thing, has a starting point. This practice began when an artist found that her deepest-loved medium was the story of a human soul. Each particularity of character and place shapes a human being like layers of paint on a canvas. Maybe all you know is that your story is muddled, cracked in places, or hasn't been told. It is my belief that your main job in therapy is to start from the beginning, tell the honest truth and try to trust the story that unfolds.

My primary training is in relational psychotherapy, an orientation based on research that states the primary medium of change in therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. The particular stories you tell (and discover) in therapy are just as important as the process and relationship we build together. In addition, I use a combination of approaches to support clients through family of origin concerns, domestic violence, young adult identity development, trauma, AD/HD, anxiety, and depression. I see female-identifying adolescents and adults of all sexual orientations, ages 14 and up.


I offer individual counseling in either 50 or 75 minute sessions.